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A financial market is a market where financial assets are created and traded. Which include stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities, currency, etc. Financial markets are the most dynamic in the world. No matter what instrument you trade.

One of the problems for a novice trader is the choice of a market for future trading. When weighing the types of trading, it is very important to choose the direction of trade for yourself.

Foreign exchange market (Forex)

The Forex market is the largest market in the world, as well as the most affordable, with trading 24 hours a day. The main commodities for trading here are the currencies that broker companies, banks and investment funds sell and buy.

Stock market

Stock markets are not the largest in terms of trading volume, but they occupy leading positions in terms of the number of instruments. In stock markets, they trade in securities, such as: stocks, bonds, derivatives, and so on.


The index market offers great opportunities and works more flexibly than other markets. The advantages of these markets include the opening of fractional lots, which allow you to start work with a small capital. Index trading is suitable for long-term traders such as swing traders.

Commodity market (raw materials)

The commodity market is one of the foundations of the global trading system. Traders who have deep knowledge in matters affecting the prices of goods and understand the mechanism of trading have the opportunity to make a profit. Products such as gold, oil, rubber, iron ore are available on the market. As well as agricultural primary products such as wheat, cotton, coffee, sugar, etc.

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In the financial markets, millions of companies, individuals, institutions and even governments are trying to profit from the purchase and sale of financial instruments at the same time. Prices for these instruments are usually constantly on the move. A market that moves a lot is known as a volatile market. These markets provide more opportunities for profit, but also mean increased risk.

We want to prepare you to enter this wonderful world and become a respectable trader. We will show you how to trade and invest, the choice is yours: stocks, currencies or gold.

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